Join us for our first "Who Am I?" Women's Conference on February 18th from 4PM-8PM, answering the age-old questions women ask themselves.

 "Who Am I?" "What purpose do I serve?" "Do I even serve a purpose?" "If I do, how can I live out that purpose in the mundane?"

 Women are compelled by their emotions. We are driven to physical interaction, but we are met with chaos, confusion, emptiness, demands and insecurities. How can we make a difference when our lives are out of order?

 I believe that when we know WHO we are, we will begin to serve our purpose with passion and fire. No one will be able to stop us from doing what we have been created to do.

 Registration price of $20 includes a conference book and t-shirt. Registration will open December 1st 2016 and close February 1st, 2017. You will be able to register online or by form.

 Conference location: The eXtreme, 425 College Ave, Alva, OK 73717

 For more information, contact Taylor Phillips at 580-748-2183 or Brieanna McClure at 580-732-0979

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