If you feel led to give, please click on the "Sowing" tab at any time and it will take you directly to our EasyTithe website where you can designate where you would like your offering to go.

Why are we building?
1. Technically we are not building; we are finishing what was started 20 plus years ago.
2. By finishing the project, we will be able to better serve our people’s needs and the community.
3. We will be able to facilitate and accommodate larger crowds.
4. By finishing, we will reveal the glory of God through the local church.
5. The Holy Spirit has said that we are to be His Bill Board in this region as a vanguard church leading others in every way.
6. The Holy Spirit says we are going to need the space, the bathrooms, the meeting rooms and the hosting ability.
7. To not finish is to disobey! There is great blessing in obedience and labor with excellence.
8. The finished building will reflect with excellence that our God is alive and well and we His people are here to do His will!
9. Legacy Matters. What we leave for future generations to use to advance the cause of Christ reflects the faith we as His people operated in.
As we gather the resources to finish this project remember these words:
Every penny has a purpose, every nickel has a name, every dollar has a destiny.
• There are some who will give because they love the Lord and love this house and believe in her future.
• There are others who will give because He has prompted them to give as they are able. It will be an act of obedience.
• There are others who must give to be able to step into the deliverance and freedom that the Lord has in store for them. Their gifts and seed sowing will open the windows of heaven in their area of need that has been locked up to this time. Healings will come, hearts will be mended, and deliverance from oppression will happen, marriages made new, prodigals restored. Their giving will open the doors to supernatural intervention on their behalf. Do not underestimate the power of giving.
We are a company of finishers!
— Pastor M.L. Hadsell