Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire: The Foundation

On what foundation is your life built upon? Upon which kingdom does your life rely? Is it the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Life and Light? Or is it the kingdom of darkness, death and decay? When trouble arises, when you are tested, what is it that flows forth from your mouth? 

Last week, Pastor preached on the condition of our hearts. Matthew 15:11 tells us that it's not what goes into a man's mouth that makes him unclean, but what comes out of his mouth.

Let's think about the digestive process for a moment. When you eat something, it begins with consumption through the mouth. It then passes through the esophagus, into the GI tract and is broken down into smaller molecules. These molecules are produced into enzymes that provide the nutrients needed to sustain our bodies. The waste is then extracted later. 

It is the same with us. What we take in through our five senses physically can impact us spiritually. The books we read or T.V. Shows that we watch and music that we listen to plant seeds in the soil of our hearts. Genesis 8:22 tells us that as long as the earth remains, so will seed time and harvest. When you sow a seed, you WILL reap a harvest.  

In Luke 6:46-49, Jesus tells of two different kinds of builders: the wise and foolish. The wise built a foundation before the house, the foolish built a house with no foundation. The result was one left standing, and the other torn down by the floods. 

Building ourselves up in the Word of God, and obeying His word IS our foundation. If we say that we believe the Lord, but we don't obey His commands, we are the foolish builder with no foundation. John 14:15 says "if you love me, you will obey what I command." 

It's a common thought that one can get away with only partially obeying God's Word without consequences. However, every thing that you do contributes to one area or the other: life or death; and, everything that you do will influence your next decision. So, say you decide to skip reading the Word of God, and you didn't quite feel anything the next day about not reading it, so you continue with the pattern. Pretty soon, you wonder why you feel so distant from the Lord. 

If you put things other than the Word of God into your body, you will reap everything but God's Word. Here's a personal example: There was a T.V. Show that I used to watch several years ago. It was during this time that I was struggling with a little depression after losing a close family member. This T.V. Show basically depicted what I wished my life could have been. I lost interest after awhile and quit watching. However, the other day, I watched an episode or two and IMMEDIATELY those same feelings of sadness and discontent swept back over me. I turned it off, because I knew what would happen had I continued. 

Here's a question/experiment for you dealing with music: What type of music do you listen to? What is your attitude when listening to it? Are you angry, or sad, or peaceful? If you don't listen to Christian music, I challenge you to stop listening to your current genre and listen to christian music for 30 days. I guarantee you that you will be able to tell a difference in your words, thoughts and attitudes. If you take this challenge, email us your testimony. 

You can negate the Word of God in your life by putting too much of the world into your system. It is important to put only the things of God into our system. 

If you missed Pastor Hadsell's sermon, click here to watch it!.