Fresh Fire: The Holy Spirit

On Sunday, Brad Hofen preached about the refining process of wheat. 

"In order to refine wheat, you have to have wind and fire." 

Before harvest, wheat is simply stocks with heads that hold the grain. The chaff around the grain must be discarded before cereals or flour can be made from the grain.

When being harvested, the wheat will pass through a thresher to shake away the chaff from the grain.  

When a new believer comes to Christ, they come like that unharvested wheat. In order to get to the good stuff, the chaff has to be removed. There's a process we must go through for God to use us at our maximum purpose. If we don't go through the process, we don't become bread-useable. 

The ministry of the Holy Spirit is empowering, but it is also refining. Throughout scripture, the Holy Spirit is referred to as wind and fire. Many think that the refiners fire is a horrible judgment that befalls Christians and non-Christians alike. 

There is only one fire. What matters is what it touches. Harvest time is judgment time, yes. However, if you are walking with Him and sowing good seed, fire or judgment is a good thing. If you're not walking with Him, it's not so good. 

The fire of God must stay lit in our lives. In the Old Testament, in the tabernacle, the fire that was lit was never to go out. And it's the same with us. God is entrusting us with the fire of the Holy Spirit and we must always keep it burning by feeding it on a continual basis. We must bring ourselves, our worries, our fears, our dreams and goals and lay it on the altar of the Lord. Everyday has to be a day of consecration and offering.

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