A Year of Significant Breakthrough

Reading: Luke 5:1-11

The prophetic voices have sounded throughout the nation: "2017 is the year of great breakthrough!" Christians everywhere have been sensing that this year is the year for manifestation on every front. Whatever you have been standing for, this is the year that it will come to pass.

Pastor Hadsell began a new sermon series this month titled "2017 the Year of DESTINY!" In the first installment (watch here), he gave a list of what he believed the Lord was saying 2017 held. The first point was that this is the year of breakthrough.

To spin off of his sermon, I want to bring into view Luke 5:1-11. 

In this passage, we read of Jesus instructing Simon to let his nets down in the deep end, on the other side of the boat. Simon grumbled a bit, but let his nets down. As a result, he had to call in reinforcements because the nets were overflowing with fish--so much so that their nets began to BREAK. 

God is a God of overflow, and we have been in expectation of this manifestation in our lives and in our church. Many have stood in obedience, doing what God has told them to do; some without anything to show for their obedience. We want you to know that it is time to prepare your nets. Let it down when He says "let it down," and prepare for a net breaking, boat rocking, overflowing harvest of His goodness. 

It is a year of significant breakthrough--where are YOU needing breakthrough?

Did you miss watching the sermon? Click here to watch now!